Qualities of a Good Baby Pillow

When it comes to your baby, the quality of the items you use often defines the thin line between what is safe for your child and what isn’t. The baby pillow, for example, has its benefits. However, if you get the wrong pillow, it could affect your baby’s comfort, and in some cases, put your baby at risk. You must know what to look out for when buying a good quality baby pillow Singapore. 

It shouldn’t be too thick.

The purpose of a baby pillow is to raise your baby’s head off the bed to prevent flat head syndrome and improve air circulation to keep one side of the head from sweating. However, the pillow should only be about 3cm thick. A good baby pillow slightly elevates the baby’s head. However, it should not alter the baby’s posture, whether he is awake or not. Your baby’s spine is still developing, and using a thick baby pillow will put a lot of strain on it. 

The pillow fabric should be breathable.

Singapore’s hot and humid weather can be quite uncomfortable. However, the baby pillow fabric will determine how much more discomfort you will be exposing your baby to, especially on days when the temperatures are too high. 

The baby pillow is meant to keep your baby’s head from getting soaked in sweat. However, if the fabric is not breathable, then air circulation around your baby’s head. If you can, get a baby pillow made from high-quality cotton because it will leave your baby’s skin feeling cool, even on hot days. 

It should have a removable cover.

A good baby pillow should be easy to keep clean. Most of those in the market have removable covers. This makes it easier for you to keep it clean and fresh for the baby. Since feeding a baby can be messy sometimes, it is not surprising if some milk and baby food stain the baby pillow Singapore. Additionally, even when the pillow is made from a soft, breathable material, it still absorbs the baby’s sweat. So, you need to be able to clean the cover easily. 

It should be flexible.

When buying a concave-shaped baby pillow, you should expect to use it until the baby outgrows it. Since the baby’s head and neck will increase in size, the baby pillow should be flexible enough to adjust to the changes. 

If the baby pillow does not stretch, it is likely to become tight around the neck, which poses a risk to your baby. Additionally, when your baby starts moving his head from side to side, the baby pillow should accommodate these movements without causing discomfort to your baby. 

It should be made from hypoallergenic material.

It is difficult to know what is triggering allergies in your baby. Some parents take months, if not years, before confidently identifying allergy triggers in their little ones. Babies also have highly sensitive skin that can develop breakouts at any time. To play it safe, it is best to get a baby pillow made from hypoallergenic materials. 

Baby pillows have an array of features. Manufacturers have additions to baby pillows to make their brand more appealing. Some have included safety features to keep the baby from rolling over or even covering himself with the people when he starts moving. Analyze your baby’s needs to help you determine which baby pillow is ideal. 

Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell is a 29-year-old former health centre receptionist who enjoys watching television, binge-watching boxed sets and donating blood. He is friendly and reliable, but can also be very cowardly and a bit impatient.