Guide on the Types of Mattresses in Singapore

When buying a mattress in Singapore, you will not only be looking for the right size for your bed, but you’ll also be choosing one from various types of mattresses. The search for the best mattress Singapore can be overwhelming but worth it if you make the right choice. Some of the mattress you will encounter include latex, an eco-friendly option, available in specialty stores. Pocketed coil innerspring mattresses are the most common coil system used by specialty brands to make a mattress bouncy while limiting motion transfer. Hybrids usually have multiple layers of different materials, while memory foam mattresses offer good weight distribution. 

The writer of the following article on discusses the process of buying a mattress and what to expect from the various types of mattresses. 

Differences between branded and non-branded mattresses

“A mattress is such an everyday item that most Singaporeans don’t think twice about the actual cost of it and how much of a big ticket item it could actually be. 

The truth is, a mattress can actually be really expensive. Big brands like Serta, Sealy and more average $500 or more for a simple mattress. If you’re looking for ones that contour to your body, support your spine and all that extra stuff, expect to pay around $700 or so — we’re serious!” Read more here

If this is your first time buying best mattress Singapore, one of the things you’ll discover when shopping is some mattresses are branded while others are not. When you compare prices, you are likely to discover branded mattresses have a high price tag compared to non-branded ones. Most non-branded mattresses have standard innersprings, so they are initially comfortable. However, they tend to lose the springiness in a few months, and the result will be aches and pains. Branded mattresses may seem expensive, but some have a lifespan of 10-15 years, so they are cheaper to buy in the long run. 

In the following article, the writer analyzes the various types of mattresses, including their pros and cons. 

Memory foam Vs Latex mattresses

“Finding the best mattress for a good night’s sleep can be a daunting affair. There are literally thousands of different mattresses that you can buy in Singapore. How do you know a mattress is right for you? How much should you pay? What brand is the best? Not to worry, we will answer all these questions inside. By the end of this article, you’ll be a mattress expert.” Read more here 

Latex and memory foam mattresses are some of the most common amongst the branded mattresses. Both provide sufficient comfort and support. They are also durable, with manufacturers giving a warranty of between five and ten years. Latex mattresses are slightly more expensive than memory foam mattresses. Latex and memory foam mattresses absorb movements making them ideal for couples, especially if one partner is a restless sleeper. Latex is heavier, so it is a chore to move or carry it. 

Expat Living, in the next article, sheds light on where one can find some of the best mattresses in Singapore.   

Choosing where to buy a mattress in Singapore

“Is your mattress uncomfortable or just old? Having the best mattress for you and your partner is so important – it has to be comfortable. But buying a bed or mattress in Singapore might be a little more tricky than in your home country. Typically, mattresses in Asia are a lot firmer, and the Queen and King sizes here are often different too. Many beds are shorter in length. Since you’ll want both you and your sheets to fit it, take the exact measurements of your bed frame before you shop!” Read more here 

Fortunately, you can find best mattress Singapore in various places. If you are concerned about the extra cost of transporting the mattress to your home, you can visit a neighbourhood store that is closest to your home. Alternatively, many mattress vendors offer online shopping alternatives. If you know the type of mattress to buy and the right size, you may opt to buy one online. If you are lucky, you’ll find a vendor offering free delivery. Some stores occasionally have mattresses on sale at discounted rates. Find out when the vendors have a sale so you can buy a great mattress at an affordable rate. 

While it is tempting to buy a mattress without planning, it is best to prepare for the purchase. This is the only way for you to get value for money. You will also be saved from buying another mattress within a short time if you get a mattress that still proves troublesome even when you have had it for a short while. Since this is a major investment, so you should make sure you get it right. 

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