Guide on the Best Mattress for Children

Did you know that if you get the right mattress for your kids, your toddler could use the same mattress for the next 7-10 years? Buying a mattress for your child might seem a simple enough process, especially if you are buying for a toddler transitioning from a crib to a twin bed. However, should you make the wrong choice, you might find yourself replacing the mattress after 3-5 years. Not only do you risk your child spending several nights in discomfort, but you will also be losing money. 

Children need a mattress with sufficient back support.

Many parents assume that since children are small and weigh very little, they can make do with any mattress. This is why some parents pick the cheapest mattress in the market, irrespective of the mattress thickness or size. 

However, it is best to remember that children are growing, and they will keep gaining weight as they get older. Is it better to keep buying a mattress for kids every 2-3 years, or would you rather get one that will last at least a decade?

If the price is an issue, it is also important to remember that your child’s spine is also developing. A mattress with back support is important for a growing child. Since children spend half of their day in bed, the mattress must be firm and thick enough to support spine alignment.

Children’s back support needs are different from that of adults. So, when considering mattress thickness and firmness, remember that the mattress needs to be firm and soft enough to take care of both back support and your child’s comfort. 

Skipping the toddler bed

Parents often debate whether they should transition a child from the crib to a toddler bed or move straight to a single bed. For some, the question is based on necessity vis a vis available finances, while it is a question of safety for others. 

If you can afford a toddler bed and feel your child will be safer in one, you can go for the toddler mattress. However, if your concern is your finances and your ability to buy another mattress in a year or two, you can opt to go directly to the single mattress. 

The standard measurement of a toddler mattress is 71cm x 132cm, while others are 91cm x 190cm. If you are worried that the single mattress is too big for your child, you’ll notice the measurement difference is not too big, yet your child will use the single mattress for much longer. 

Type of mattress

When buying a mattress for kids, the type of mattress you buy matters. Most of the mattresses for kids have springs. However, there are also some foam mattresses for kids, but they tend to cost more than spring mattresses. 

There are two types of spring mattresses for kids, pocket spring mattress and coil mattresses. The difference is the springs in pocket spring mattresses are individually wrapped using fabric, so each spring bears your child’s weight. This is unlike coil spring mattresses, where all the springs are interconnected and share the load. Pocket spring mattresses provide more support and contour the body for maximum comfort. 

Even as you consider your budget and weigh between a toddler bed and a single bed mattress, it is important to remember your child’s needs and future demands for the mattress. 

Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell is a 29-year-old former health centre receptionist who enjoys watching television, binge-watching boxed sets and donating blood. He is friendly and reliable, but can also be very cowardly and a bit impatient.