Types of Bathroom Taps

bathroom tap with white basin

All About Tap Designs

In the world of taps, there is variety and designs. One can find many shapes of taps, each with a unique feature. The article highlights some most used types in the market these days.

Tap Designs

The Pillar Types:

These are probably the most commonly used type of bathroom taps. Mainly mounted either on the bath or basin, each tap comes with hot and cold water. The special mechanism on the pillar type tap allows the user to turn on and off the tap when in use and when not in use. The taps are available in many designs with unique styles. In the market, one can find the traditional as well as modern pillar taps. The traditional has a Capstan head on the top, i.e., bib taps and head taps. At the same time, the modern pillar taps have been designed for disabled people, especially when someone finds it hard to push the lever. 

The Mixer Taps:

As the name indicates, the mixer taps are available in almost all households. It is made up of two pillar taps; both joined together. Rather one tap gives out hot water while the other tap gives out cold water. The mixer allows hot and cold water to come out together, with consistent temperature in an appropriate quantity. There is also a provision of getting a single lever along with the mixer tap. It allows you to turn on one type of water while allowing the other type of water to come out. Thus, you have the liberty to use both hot and cold water simultaneously or use either one with a single lever.

The Wall Mounted Taps:

These taps are fitted firmly to the walls and thus protrude from the walls either in the bathtub or the basin. In practice, these taps can easily be managed and cleaned. The biggest disadvantage is the cost related to its plumbing. In case of any issue, it is really hard and costly to get it repaired. 

The Monobloc Type Of Taps:

These taps also have a single spout for both cold and hot water. There is an adjustable lever that can help in its operation. The same lever can also allow maintaining the temperature of the water with adjustment to the lever. This type of tap is considered modern when compared with other types of taps available in the market. 

The Washer Taps:

The washer taps are also known as compressor taps. These taps have a pillar tap that comes with a twisting tap. A washer controls the quantity of water coming out of the tap. 

The Ball Type Taps:

As the name shows, a ball present within these taps controls the flow of water coming out. Mainly this type of tap can leak, which is the common problem with this type. Apart from the leaking problem, this type of tap allows easy access to cold and hot water. Thus keeping control of the amount of water coming out. 

The Cartridge Taps:

These are available in the combination form along with a lever. When the tap is moved from the left to the right direction, the temperature of the water also changes from hot to cold. You can also control the flow of water coming out from the tap.

The types of taps mentioned above are available in the market and are being used accordingly. You can check your choice of bathroom and then choose your taps in Singapore.