International schools or local schools- which should you enroll your child?

Starting or changing school can be a big deal for parents as well as for children. There are a lot of reasons that make parent change the school their children attend. It could be that the school they enrolled their child into is not able to meet the needs of their child.

Changing your child’s school is likely going to affect him negatively. This is because he is going to miss his old friends and teachers.

If you are serious about your child adapting and excelling in Singapore’s education system, you should check out GESS, an international school in Singapore. They offer a wide range of programmes, such as the IB diploma, and cater from kindergarten to high school. For a good private school in Singapore, you should check out GESS above.

The following article by Intern3 shed light on some 6 tips that will help your child settle into his new school quickly.

6 helpful tips for starting and changing schools

Starting school for the first time or changing schools is a big deal for both parents and children. They are faced with a new environment, new classrooms, new classmates, new teachers, different responsibilities and new challenges. Dr. Vanessa Von Auer, Principal at Integrated International School, recommends this six-step approach to prepare yourself and your child. Read more here.

Since you now know some tips that could help your child settle into his new school. It now time for you to choose the school to enroll your child. Parents in Singapore have to choose between an international school and a local school.

The following article by Tracy Tristam shed light on the pros and the cons of local and international schooling in Singapore.

Singapore local schools vs international school: The pros and cons form one family

Choose the system that’s best for your child

For us there isn’t a simple answer. You see, back when we arrived in Singapore in 2008, it was on an all-singing, all-dancing expat package. Remember those? Does the expat package really exist anymore? We didn’t think about sending our son to anywhere other than the nearest international school, which happened to be EtonHouse International School on Broadrick Road. Read more here

You likely not know a thing or two about the international and local schools in Singapore. That said, new reports are showing that children in international schools perform better academically. This has made a lot of parents enroll their children in an international school.

The following article by team expat unveils the top ten international schools in Singapore.

10 top quality co-ed international schools in Singapore for expat children

From pre-school to secondary school or high school studies, here’s a list of quality international schools to put on your expats’ to-research list! While moving countries is a big deal for expat parents with school-going children, moving schools is another painstaking matter altogether.

Expats in Singapore should prepare for long waiting lists due to the influx of foreigners to the modern island city, and weigh out the pros and cons of choosing one school over another. Read more here

To conclude, changing your child’s school is never an easy decision. But there are tips that could help your child settle in quickly in his new school. Choosing a school to enroll your child can be very difficult. If you live in Singapore, you will definitely have to choose between an international and a private school.

Countless reports have shown that children from international school perform excellently well academically. That said, settling for just any international school is not really a great option. Do some research or choose from the top international schools in Singapore.

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