How Preschools Support Working Parents

In today’s economy, a family barely gets by on daily basis without both parents working full-time. It’s understandably strenuous to even get a side job to cater to the family’s wants and needs. Nevertheless, that’s the bitter and ugly truth of what the society is facing these days. Both parents have to be working and earning a sum of money in order to live comfortably and to send their children to good schools. Parents are visibly seen to be extremely worried when it comes to preschool education as it is costly. However, the Singapore Government is in effort of making a lot of initiatives to lessen the parents’ burden by introducing new amendments in preschools all over the country.

Packaged price and discount

Working parents are probably buzzing about which preschools to send their kids to when they finally reach a certain age level, particularly the age of 4 as they have to genuinely select a preschool that tallies with their working hours. Knowing this hardship faced by most of the couples, kindergartens are now offering a packaged price for monthly fee of the preschool and nursery within the working hours of the parents. With this kind of system being introduced, parents are able to save quite a fortune of money while also winning at picking a good school. Another offer kindergartens often advertise to parents is a few percent off if you send more than one child to the same kindergarten. These family package offers helps parents immensely in making good choice for schools.

Government subsidies

Government too is making a move to help supporting working parents. They are planning to beef up subsidies including for middle-income families. The spending on early-childhood education which is today,  S$1 billion a year will be doubled for government to be able to raise their share from 50% to 80% in preschool places. Extra subsidies on basic childcare will also be made available especially for working single parent. A recent poll conducted showed that parents spend 6 to 15% of household income on the high expenses for preschools. It is time for government to finally shed the light on how costly the early childhood education is.

Late pick-up fees waived by some preschools

Working parents tend to feel guilty to their children and burdened of the charged extra hours of preschools when asked to go home later than the actual hour. Many parents suffer the same thing. They need to make more money but at the same time, the charged hours in preschools burn a hole in their pockets. Fortunately, there are initiatives of SAFRA National Service Association on lessening the burdens of working parents by introducing that some selected preschools are to waive late pick-up fees for father on duty. Operationally-ready national servicemen (NSMen) and their families do not have to pay a fee if they’re late picking their child up from the selected preschools.

In conclusion, more and more parties are becoming more understanding on how money-consuming early childhood education can be. Helps are being provided here and there to help parents lessen the burden of paying child raising expenses every month. More information about affordable curriculum can be found at My Little Campus’ preschool education website.

Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell
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